Services & Products

We provide services to local individuals and businesses alike with a variety of products. Above all, our ability, vision, and scope of skills are unlimited. WoodLab contributes to the growth and distribution of entrepreneurial products by producing stand-out displays and signage, hence increasing brand recognition.

WoodLab Designs Services Available:

  • Signage – Exterior & Interior Company Signs, Plaques
  • Displays – Flat Pack point of purchase Displays, custom designed for specific product(s)
  • Sculptural Emblems – Courthouse Seals, Topographical Maps, Trophies, Memorials
  • Craft Beer/Wine/Spirits Accessories – Bar tops & Seating, branded Totes, Rack Systems, Menu Boards
  • Laser Etched Wooden Stickers
  • Custom Design Consultation and Prototypes

We create high profile, precision detailed, Federal Government Seals in quality hardwoods.  Because of the variety of machines we operate we can offer wood reliefs with any design or pattern, including topographical maps of any state or county.

Many of our jobs are customer product display based. Some examples of our displays include durable six-pack beer and wine totes – complete with exquisitely detailed brand replicas prominently etched onto the surfaces of Baltic Birch panel. Natural health and wellness displays are also very popular because the wood we use has colors and textures which reflect a connection to the natural world.

Wooden Stickers

We offer both custom laser etched wooden stickers and a complete wholesale line of silhouette stickers. Because these stickers are designed with strength and durability in mind, they are a great way to connect consumers to your brand logo or images. Our full line of Silhouette Wooden Stickers come with a complimentary custom sized display! Follow the links below to review our online retail shops full of genuine, wooden stickers.

Quality Guarantee

WoodLab Designs stands behind our product 100%. Because we strive for excellence in all of our products we always try to source responsibly harvested top quality lumber from local companies. As a result, all finalized products have been hand inspected to be free from manufacturer defect.  The natural character of wood is also taken into quality consideration. Therefore we do not consider natural flaws such as cracked checking, knots, pest activity, or natural aging a defect. In our opinion these ‘imperfections’ are completely natural and beautiful!