Signage for All Locations & Occasions

We specialize in interior and exterior wood signage.  These signs are perfect for your place of business or residence!  We utilize CNC Machining and/or Laser Cutting and Etching for the bulk of the sign making process.  And our talented graphic consultants will help you fill in the blanks and flush out ideas in order to create the best looking product possible!

Wood Options

Because the needs of our clients vary from job to job, we work with many types of wood.  Our local Humboldt lumber suppliers provide us with access to Redwood and many varieties of hardwoods such as Sapele (Mahogany), Maple, Hickory, and Ash.  WoodLab can light up the night by adding LED lights when requested.  We also offer plasma or rough cut metal lettering and logos, as well as acrylic accents.  We round out our sign offerings with precise hand painting & finishing.

Everyone Benefits from Proper Signage!

Local Craft Breweries and bars have used our signs to alert customers of the events of a particular evening.  And of course our signs serve to provide accurate location assistance.  The endless corridors of medical offices and government agencies can become far less difficult to navigate with easy to read directional signage.  And independent businesses promote their brand recognition best with the help of visual aids.  No matter what you are looking for you can rest assured that WoodLab Designs has got the perfect solution for you!